Sunday, August 12, 2007


Within the next few weeks, Chieftain Peter R. Doran of the 5th Generation will approve a Sept Overview for the Sept Wm. Doran.

The Overview will consist of such things as the Sept Plant, Tartan, Music, and Crest. However, it will also include more modern items, including a Mission Statement for the present-day Sept.

Last-minute suggestions / votes for the Overview will be accepted within the next week or so. You can submit one by e-mailing the Sept:

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Annual Booklets...

Within three weeks at a maximum, the first edition of the Annual Booklets series will be sent out to all members.
As to what the subject of the booklet will be, only the Editor of the booklets and the Chieftain know. To everyone else, it will be a pleasant surprise!

If you have a suggestion for next year's Annual Booklet, contact the Editor, S. Levi Doran (Click Here).

Summer Issue of Field & House

Within two weeks at most, the summer edition of Field and House will arrive in all subscribers' mailboxes.

New Current Events Site

This is the new current events site for the Sept Wm. Doran. It displays any news or upcoming events within the Sept.